Outback Batteries is a partner of Station Innovation, inventors and manufacturers of the EcoSAT remote monitoring and control device.

EcoSAT is a satellite/4G communication device that is deployed to monitor and control remote assets. Using a computer or mobile device with a satellite map view of your property, assets like water bores, animal traps, cameras, electric fences, and machinery fitted with tracking devices can be remotely monitored or controlled.

The Story

After growing up on northern cattle stations and then working for over 30 years pioneering outback solar power and pumping systems, Mike Farrell, director of Ecoenergy Australia came face to face with the challenges cattlemen have in monitoring and controlling their bores and infrastructure.

The unending bore runs are a costly exercise for primary producers and burn many man hours, huge volumes of fuel, tyres and vehicles and waste farmer’s most precious commodity, Time!

Communications expert Harvey Conroy along with Mike started building basic prototypes more than 15 years ago and as cost effective technology evolved so did the product.

After years of R&D with boots on the ground, talking to real farmers about their needs and with the more recent help of talented electronics engineer Chris Glanville, the inherent features of EcoSAT were honed into the intelligent patent pending product it is today with a committed, multi-disciplinary team.

The Vision

We envisioned being able to walk past a live electronic property map early in the morning before starting your days work, and with a single glance be able to analyse the status of your water points or other infrastructure. We thought that to be able to do this it would provide a powerful daily decision making and planning capability to the manager. This is exactly what EcoSAT is all about.

Starting your day with accurate intelligence will empower you to direct staff in the opposite direction to first planned due to EcoSAT identifying a problem with a bore down, or reduce your bore runs by half or more, or to be confident a recently repaired bore is still filling the turkey nest.

It's this sort of information that gives enough peace of mind to finally take that town trip you needed as everything looks OK and if a problem arises, you may turn on a pump from your iPhone.

The Technology

Unrestricted by terrain, location or other limitations associated with current, conventional, radio telemetry, EcoSAT integrates superior ground to satellite to web platform/map integrated into a single usable system.

Cost effective, Rugged and with Simple Plug & Play Installation, EcoSAT is simple to operate and is configurable & Expandable to suit your specific needs.

EcoSAT operates straight out of the box and can be installed in around 10-15 minutes without any expertise.  It can be easily moved between tanks, troughs, gates, pumps etc, as required. You can receive live updates almost immediately!


If you are unsure if your battery is maintainable or maintenance free, just ask us and we will be happy to advise. 

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