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Our Batteries

Our Batteries

Outback Batteries has a long history of supplying batteries to individuals and businesses whose top priority is reliability.

Central Australia and the Top End contain some of the most magnificent scenery this great country has to offer, they are also home to some of the most rugged and punishing conditions to be found in Australia. Being native to these regions, Outback Batteries sell products that we trust to perform and endure the harsh conditions of the country we inhabit. 


Our main brand for automotive batteries is Delkor, after several years trialling the product we have adopted it as our primary range. We stock a full complement of Delkor batteries in each of our stores to suit almost any vehicle including European cars, 4WD's, and commercial vehicles. Delkor has proven itself to be an exceptional product with a large range, reliable supply, competitive price, and most importantly a proven reliability with great resistance to heat and vibrations.


Amaron is a premium battery that we recommend for applications of extreme environmental stress, or indeed anyone who wants a battery with industry leading reliability. Amaron batteries are our go-to product for people who work in  remote locations and want a battery that simply will not let them down. 



The reputation of Optima speaks for itself, Optima products command a higher price than most equivalent brands out there but you are getting a product that is tough as nails and has a truly exceptional life span. Optima batteries also make great secondary batteries as the yellow and blue series are dual rated, fully sealed, and can be situated in any space without concern for heat or ventilation.


Motobatt makes AGM and lithium motorcycle batteries, all Motobatt products are fully sealed which makes them particularly suitable for off-road bikes that may be periodically laid flat. 



Fullriver batteries are the product of choice for caravaners in Australia and with good reason, the company has been manufacturing AGM and Gel batteries for industrial and recreational applications since 1995 and make the full range of deep cycle batteries to suit almost any requirement. With correct care, Fullriver batteries have long usable lifespans.

US Battery

The American made US Battery are our go-to solution for golf carts, floor machines, scissor lifts, and other applications where banks of multiple 6, 8, or 12-volt lead acid batteries are required. American made doesn't always mean prohibitively expensive, US Batteries are high quality and competitively priced.  

Lead Crystal

Although relatively new to the Australian market, Lead Crystal batteries are an advanced technology deep cycle battery that has been implemented to outstanding results around the world since 2009. Lead Crystal batteries may look like AGM or Gel batteries on the outside, but they are a battery with superior performance in every category due to their unique internal construction. Some of the advantages of LC batteries are:

  • Extremely low self-discharge and can be stored for long periods without charge
  • Operating temperature of -40C to +65C. Can be charged at temperatures below 0C
  • Low internal resistance resulting in accelerated charging speeds
  • Less acid content results in reduced sulphation - longer overall life
  • LC batteries are not damaged by full discharge meaning larger useful capacity
  • LC batteries can be discharged 100% of their capacity to 0.0 Volts without killing the battery

Other Products

In addition to automotive, motorcycle, solar and marine batteries of all kinds, Outback Batteries also carries in each store a wide variety of products useful for your home, 4WD, caravan, business or boat.

Our stores can source UPS batteries, mobility scooter batteries, car remote batteries, rechargeable batteries, torch batteries, 18650 batteries, hearing aid batteries, mobile phone batteries, toy batteries, cordless tool batteries, power banks, LED light bars, camping lights, work lights, torches, head lights, UHF radios, antennae, solar panels, solar regulators, battery chargers inverters, car fridges, wiring and wiring accessories, dual battery system components, 12 volt accessories, automotive globes, camping accessories, and more!